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The Latest

James House & Duet Partner/Co-Writer Natalie Noone Have A Smash Hit On Their Hands In Europe


James House & Natalie Noone's single "Over Getting Over You" is #1 on the Hot Disc Top 40 Chart for the 3rd week in a row!!

Thank you Country Radio World Wide Cameron Tilbury and MapleStar Music & Media for taking us GLOBAL. 
Heavy Rotation: UK , Italy, Scotland, Spain, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, France,

Germany, Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand, and more!



James House To Be Next Vietti Chili Featured Artist



James House has been named the next Vietti Chili Celebrity Artist!

That's right! James House will be the next featured artist in the Vietti Chili Artist Series and will have his image on more 200,000 custom chili cans on store shelves across the South soon.

Look for cans marked with this label on store shelves this summer in Walmart, Kroger, Food Land, Piggly Wiggly, Price Less, Food City and Publix all across Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Vietti Foods is a Nashville based company, in business since 1898 and is a primary sponsor of Music City Roots.

To My UK Fans

Nashville singer/songwriter James House has temporarily suspended his UK tour, following a very successful Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival appearance and six UK club appearances.


No specific reason was given by his management company, Leadership Artists, other than “serious issues with our now former booking agent prevented the continuation of the tour as we had originally envisioned and designed. We were told one thing before we arrived only to find out the situation was altogether different and in the end unacceptable” according to Brian Smith of Leadership Artists.


According to James House, “I feel really bad for our UK fans and I’m just sick over this.  Anyone who knows me, knows I would never back out of anything if there were not a valid reason. I have never in my life missed a show, ever! I am hoping in time, I can completely share our side of the story and everyone will understand why we made the decision to cut the tour short. Because of bad business on the part of the booking agents representing me, my work was being seriously jeopardized here and I could not put the fans thru that. I want to be able to come back and play these shows without this dark cloud hanging over it. I want to make this right but doing it honestly, fairly and without a third party jeopardizing that.” 


House continues, “Our fans in the UK are amazing…and their support of our current record, Songwriters Serenade, has been overwhelming.  I just want to say to each and every one of them, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  You’ve welcomed me with open arms and I look forward to coming back in the near future to finish what we started.  I was here in the first place because of the fans and the success we had last year with “This Is Me Missing You”. I meant it then and I mean it now that I was touring again because of the fans.


We will be back in Scotland for our Nashville North Caithness Country Music Festival on Sunday, April 5th, and we’re going to do our very best to reschedule as many of the dates as possible.”

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